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grinz appreciation


To find a fulfilling career that makes the best use of grinz skills.he decided to put up with what he thinks he can do best for his self.since he loved the music carrier,and it was his crimbrige,life has no more to offer. he wanted it, he did it , hez still doin it,he'll always do it,and nothing can stop long as its not a loss am a talented musician in the field of rap.unlike other artists who change after gettin on form,hes not that cant change the way he talks and do the has been a supprise to many especialy his friends who thought he would forget of them asked him the way he does it to keep up with the change of class but thought remains undisturbed.i told him that he just has to remember where hes from and the people who he once called blood friends.he loved and enjoyed the life that he had before becomin what he iz today so he cant realy change. grinwax lovez you all the people that make him what he am. peace to all of you.


Job Title and Company Name for My Most Recent Job (1/1/00-1/1/07)
Here is a description of his most recent job, including his job responsibilities, major projects he completed what he thought would do good 4 him more in the times of kooling the temper of being hot in the field of lovin music he became a producer in the grin ears , and skills he made use of the grineyes 4 visual productivity.

for the thingz youve seen en the onez u've read, grinwax has always lived his life almost to what is presented on this site.