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About grinwax


For those who want to know more about grin ,this is every thing youll ever want.we will be very truthfull to you. grin was born on the 1/sept .soif you share a birth day,then enjoy your life. grin was life lated ten years ago, this makes him kool in the year 2006 .he was acually born as a highly rated boy in the family.grin had his educ all most times in uganda. living and growing in kampala made him realise and face the world from the right side.growing up in a God fearing family made him extract his compressed style of living.

Talking about body type,size and structure, he is the best muscullar,tall height about 6.2 ft. he has the best body build so far according to our own research.

pinyo dano maro lok i kum w%k kun no gemi eni weng jonyo dano ajonya haaaaaa we dont like to joke around with the guys who kill pim coz i like th pimmer soo much.

i kare ma grinwax odonyo ilobo me wer gemi madwong oloke.grinwax oloko kit dano madwong gi wer me i dogeni. gi mar madwong tutwal ma en onong gi bot danone grinwax odyere me too pi dano marwom gi tye laping. pinyo dano matye gi cene nyono wi jo ma pe kwede? dano weng myero obed marom pien lacwec pe opoko kin gi gi rwom ma pat pat



Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

we got served. the mummy, the real cancun,ong bak, love and basketball

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

so sick,dxl white die, all dmx songs,